Making the World a Smaller Place

Being someone who cares about the earth, you may want to someday travel but could be concerned about language barriers. Technology is now coming out that makes it possible to translate languages in real time.

The company, Waverly labs, has designed a smart earpiece called the pilot that translates language instantly. This will allow people to have seamless conversations with one another even if they don’t know the language of the other. The earpiece that’s in your ear the same way an earbud would. When someone is speaking to you, the device picks up their speech, send it to an app on your smartphone that converts the words into text, translates the language for you, then whispers what was spoken back to you in your own language. This ingenious device allows you to understand what the other person is saying even when you don’t know their language.

These smart devices will focus in on the conversation and block ambient noise. When you are not using the earpiece for translations, you can use them to listen to your favorite music. The Pilot is a great option for businesses since it allows participants that speak different languages to converse. Granted, this device is not perfect, but it is a lot more accurate than any other product on the market available today.

At this time, using the device requires having a data connection. It is only able to translate conversations one on one. The developers are hopeful that future generations will be able to translate everything being spoken in the person’s environment. They also want to reduce the delay between speech and translation. The first version that is being worked on will be able to translate Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, and English. Over time, more languages will be added.

Many tech companies have been working to develop real-time translation programs, such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google. The Pilot will be the first translator that is wearable, though. This product has been made possible thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that raised over $3 million. Surprisingly, this earpiece will be priced at a mere $299 on its release.


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