Month: April 2017

Help Save the Bees

I’m sure we have all heard recently about how bees are being killed off by the thousands. Bees, along with other pollinators, are responsible for over 30% of the food we eat. There are some things you can do yourself to help the bees in your area thrive. Below are eight simple steps can take: [Continue]

Working on Personal Development

Personal development is key to learning how to protect yourself and your health. You need to understand yourself more in order to do the things that are important for your own health. You can do this through professional teachers or through your friends and family. These people can help you gain valuable insight into what [Continue]

Permafrost and the Paris Agreement

Reporters of climate change have recently been doing new studies on permafrost melting in the Arctic. They are finding that temperatures with a higher average are causing the melting of permafrost in sub-Arctic and Arctic regions faster than originally believed. There is twice as much carbon and permafrost than in the atmosphere itself. If the [Continue]